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February 17, 2013
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Crow : J.J by Rurucha Crow : J.J by Rurucha

- Name : Jeremiah Junior , nick name : J.J

- Age : 21

- Gender : Male

- Height : 183 cm

- Weight : 61 kg

- Personality :
With his dark memory about his father, J.J grown up having Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes) and ophthalmophobia (fear of being watched or stared at). He used to lock himself in his room and never interacted with others, so he is kinda awkward and afraid to socialize (but because of this reasons he is an easy target for bullying). J.J refuses to talk and only reply with little gesture or shows his feeling with his mask (or he can write if needed). When he is dealing with others J.J must wear his mask because he only can reduce his phobia by looking through a small hole or he will faint (except you want to talk with your eyes close). In short word, he is such a big baby (look at his height) with awkward, shy personality and very quiet (never talk to be exact).

- Weapon/Skills :
He was trained since little to be the knife thrower in his circus family, so he has 90% accuracy and use this as his ultimate power. J.J prefer sudden attack from behind (strangle his target with wire from his glove) or from a far distance ( by throwing a knife or using alternate material like stone,branch,etc ).
Weapon >>>>>>> [link]

- Likes/Dislikes :
+ mask (have an unbelievable amount of collection)
+ coat
+ beautiful knife
+ high place
+ dessert
+ color : black, purple, gold.

- Eyes (fear)
- Dog ( JJ not afraid with wild animals like lion or tiger but he is afraid of dog even a little puppy cause of past experience)
- Food : Bitter food, Egg yolk (except use to be material only), tangerine
- Color : pink and orange

- Background :
J.J lived in a circus family as the knife thrower, he used to be a cute and cheerful little kid . When he was twelve , he accidentally run to his father who was killing and prying his prey’s eyes (He saw all that through a small hole on his father’s working place’s wooden wall ). Since that incident his father gone missing and J.J had a severe trauma which was leading to his phobia (Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes) and ophthalmophobia (fear of being watched or stared at). He became very quiet and avoid people, until one day when he is eighteen, he want to change. And decide to join Crowinc when he turn twenty one, to find his father whereabouts ( because he has an information that his father joined some dark organization).

- Additional Info :
• J.J must wear his mask when face people (socializing and having mission) because it can reduce his phobia. It can reduce by see through a small hole. He will faint if he see eyes directly.
• He can change his mask very fast and always brought some with him ( especially facial expression mask to help him show his feeling) but no one know where he hide them.
• Behind that mask JJ has a pretty cute face.
• J trio with Jackquline and Jozabel
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